28, January 2015: British women are very much particular in displaying their gorgeous dress in any social event such as marriage and reunion. They search for those garment stores which sell elegantly designed dresses which are suitable for any social occasion. KateQueen Co Ltd seems to fulfil these desired tastes of the British women. KateQueen Ltd sells prom dresses and marriage dresses of various shapes and sizes. The Company sells all these garment accessories under different brand names. To begin prom dresses of the Company are sold under the brand of Prom Dresses UK.

Prom Dresses includes a variety of dazzling dresses. The most popular models of the brand include Chiffon A- line One Shoulder dresses, Chiffon Sheath Halter dresses, Chiffon A- line Bateau Prom Dresses UK, Chiffon A-line High Neck Prom Dresses and many more. Chiffon A-line One Shoulder Prom Dresses are a reddish gorgeous looking prom dress. It is available in large bust shape, small bust shape, and apple shaped. Chiffon Sheath Halter Prom Dresses UK is a reddish gorgeous cloth. It is available in inverted triangular shape and hour glass shape. The dress can be used comfortably during summer, spring and winter seasons. The dress is suitable for formal gathering and other social events.

KateQueen Co Ltd offers gorgeous bridal dress collections to its customers. The bridal dresses supplied by the Company are available in the brand name of Bridesmaid Dresses UK. This brand includes a wide variety of stylish marriage dresses and accessories. The popular models of the brand include Elegant Chiffon Sheath V-neck Dresses, Amazing Chiffon Strapless, Graceful Organza dresses and Charming Satin A-line Strapless Dropped Bridesmaid Dresses. The Company is offering 85% discount on its prices. Graceful Organza Bridesmaid Dress is a light weight stylish white dress. It can be used comfortably during summer, spring and winter seasons. The dress is suitable for marriage occasions and also in marriage gathering. The dress is made up of top quality fabrics and is available at quite a high price.

KateQueen Co Ltd is a leading seller of designer short prom dresses of short size. The popular models of the brand include Chiffon A-line Halter Short Prom Dresses, Chiffon One Shoulder Empire Short Prom Dresses, Chiffon Spaghetti Short Prom Dresses and Satin Short Prom Dresses. All these product accessories are available in different price range. The Company offers flat 65% discount on its product purchase.

About KateQueen Co Ltd:

KateQueen Co Ltd is the leading supplier of stylish prom and wedding dresses all over UK. The Company has many show rooms in different parts of UK. The company is also expanding its foot on global market and is already receiving orders for stylish dresses from Asian markets.

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