United States of America, 20th June 2014: Books are always meant to be a perfect companion and is certainly a popular hobby of many people. There are different genres in which these books are available and tastes of them vary from one person to the other. Suspense and Thriller stories are among the widely read books today. Crime stories are one of the segments in suspense and thriller stories. Katherine A Nevitt has come up with her new book named Ironblood: Wolf Hunt. It is her will and writing skills which inspired her to write this off the beat story. The story is about Baccara Ironblood’s family which was like any other family till her father got murdered.

The story begins with the background and changes its path after the murder takes place. The story which follows her father’s death is a bit disturbing but shows what impact such a situation can have on a person’s life. The incident virtually destroyed the entire family and caused a series of disturbances. Baccara as an individual is also shown to be shocked and goes through a lot of tough times. It is only when she meets a human boy who comes in her life. He plays with her mind and changes her views on almost everything. However, the twist here is that if she came close to a human it could put her life at a risk. The story gets stuck up at the time to decide if she was willing to sacrifice her own life or save the life of the human.

The question Katherine asks is if blood is really thicker than water. What she means is that there seems no difference between blood and water and cases like this reveal that there are people who do not even care for what they are doing. She herself has gone through tough times from her childhood. Like any other child she had her own interest of dancing, animal care and history. But by the year 2012 things changed when her parents divorced and her grandfather died. This was followed up by the death of her cousin due to cancer and diagnosis of her mother for brain tumor. Her father was so depressed that it almost caught him his life. Her life has been a struggle and after she left her job as an Animal consultant she has come up with her own book this year. This book is available for purchase on Amazon at a price of £2.44.

About Ironblood: Wolf Hunt-


Ironblood: Wolf Hunt is a book by Katherine A Nevitt and is up for sale at Amazon. The story is about a family wherein the father gets brutally murdered and the entire life of the family changes.

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