K&D Detailing provides a complete line of automobile services to car owners. The Company’s car detailing services includes car wash, shampooing, stain removal, vacuuming, waxing, buffing, and much more. By simply having the car detailed on a regular basis, it increases the resale value by more than 15 per cent without regard to the condition of the engine. Used car resellers have confirmed to the fact that customers opt for well-detailed cars as opposed to another. 

The need of customers comes first at K&D Detailing. As a result, the team is open to flexible schedules to be available for busy customers. The Company understands that most car owners are busy with work, family, kids, travel, and other extracurricular activities and hence hardly any time to spend on car detailing. For this reason, the Company is available to customers 7 days a week. For a better experience, customers can call ahead and make the appointment and the staff will be happy to provide the best service. Car detailing at K&D Detailing provides a completely new service like never before. Customers can sit inside the car and enjoy a relaxing time while the staff goes hard at work to give the car a brand new look. 

The staff uses only car-safe chemicals cleaning utilities which will ensure a longer protection to the original paint. Customers who get their cars regularly detailed at this K&D Detailing have noticed longer lasting maintenance as opposed to getting detailed at other services. The paste wax alone gives protection that lasts for more than 3 months. Cars do not just get quick cleaning but long lasting protection. 

K&D Detailing is probably one of the few Companies that allow customers to post honest reviews on the website. It is a move to help customers find out the truth of the service before paying for the service. The site provides all details and the information is updated whenever there is any change. To find additional information regarding K&D Detailing please visit http://www.kddetailingsc.com 


K&D Detailing is a mobile car detailing Company that has been providing its top quality service for the past 4 years. The Company always provides genuine customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. 

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