Keerti‘Siddhi’ Nagpure does a cameo in Beta Hi Chahiye



After a hiatus, KeertiNagpure will be seen once again on the small screen as Priyanka on BIG MAGIC’sBeta Hi Chahiye. In this cameo, Keerti will be seen as a young, dynamic and enthusiastic student who is currently studying the nuances of social science. For a project, she comes to the Rai household to spend a day and understand how a joint family operates.

For the young Priyanka, who comes from a nuclear family set-up, it is an overwhelming experience at the Rai household. While she is used to a lot of independence in her house, she is amazed to see how Girijapati’s family is co-dependent on one another. The whole family works as a unit and no decision is taken individually.

What amazes Priyanka further is how Saroja, a well-educated girl with a progressive mind-set, has adapted to the Rai family and is taking care of all their needs. She also enjoys a lot of attention from the men in the house which leads to a battle of the sexes between the men and the women of the family.   

However, Priyanka is pleasantly surprised when the entire family comes together at the time of emergency and stands by each other.

Says Keerti, “I am really excited about my cameo in Beta Hi Chahiye. I play the role of Priyanka, a really modern young girl who enters the house for a project but soon understands the dynamics of a joint family. I am sporting a modern look — quite different from anything I have done before and am looking forward to the response I get from my fans.”

Tune into the Maha Episode of Beta Hi Chahiye this Saturday,
3rd August at 6pm only on BIG MAGIC!




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