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Multi Use Game Areas offered by Kestrel Contractors now include tennis court markings

Hampshire, United Kingdom, February 10th, 2011 British land drainage and sports field construction company, Kestrel Contractors (www.kestrelcontractors.co.uk) is now including tennis court construction when it designs and builds Multi Use Game Areas (MUGAs). The company, which has been delivering Multi Use Game Areas to schools around the United Kingdom, is able to design and build a court that contains the right dimensions and markings for tennis, basketball, netball and 5 a side football.

The Multi Use Game Areas that Kestrel Contractors is building can be constructed from a variety of surface materials, depending on the requirements of the job. Kestrel Contractors is able to undertake the design and build of these game areas from start to finish, and will supply a finished product coated with macadam, modified latex, or cushioned acrylic final surfaces.

Kestrel‘s tennis court construction can also be completed as a standalone project, rather than with inclusion into a Multi Use Game Area. Kestrel Contractors advises most customers to purchase a Multi Use Game Area rather than a dedicated tennis court because of the breadth of opportunity the MUGA delivers. Multi Use Game Areas, as well as being suited to the sports listed already, can also support hockey and volleyball.

Kestrel Contractors are keen to point out that the tennis courts supported by its Multi Use Game Areas can be upgraded at a later date to hold a sand filled artificial turf surface: making the tennis court construction options offered by Kestrel Contractors some of the most versatile and cost effective in the country.

For more information on the types of surface available for a Kestrel Construction MUGA, visit www.kestrelcontractors.co.uk/synthetic/multi-use-games-areas.php

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Kestrel Contractors is UK based land drainage and sports pitch construction company. They also have expertise in constructing multi use game areas.


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