Dana Point, California — Kevin Miso, well-known in surfing culture for his unique blend of island music , coffee shop music and mellow surf music, appeared at this year’s Doheny Surf Festival as part of an impressive lineup of surf music greats.  Along with Kevin Miso, Common Sense, Trevor Green, Aloha Radio, Scott McLaughlin and others took the stage at the two-day event held at the Dana Point beach on the Doheny State Park grounds.

Festival goers were treated to a variety of wonderful surf music in a picturesque setting.

The event was designed to benefit the state park and help keep it open for surfers.  As California faces massive budget cuts, state parks may be in danger for the first time in years of being shut down or having fund reduced significantly for upkeep and maintenance.  In order to preserve the beaches that are part of these state parks and have long been a mainstay of California's surfing culture, the Doheny Surf Festival was established. 

A portion of all proceeds goes directly to keeping California's best surfing beaches open and available to all.

With great coffee house music and a beer garden set up in the middle of the park’s area, patrons could relax and enjoy the day.  On the beach, exhibition surfers performed fantastic maneuvers like tandem surfing and trick shots for the enjoyment of spectators.

Kevin Miso performed selections from his upcoming album as well as old favorites to the delight of the crowd.  Along with the other performers, Kevin Miso and his friends provided great entertainment for the two days of the Surf Festival. 

Looking forward to next year, Kevin Miso states, "I am happy to do anything I can do to benefit the state parks that bring so much enjoyment to so many people.  Playing and singing and bringing enjoyment to others is my favorite thing to do, and when I can combine that fun with a great benefit, I am happy to do so."

Plans are already underway for next year's Doheny Surf Festival to be held in late June 2014.

About Kevin Miso:

Kevin Miso is a musician whose specialty is a laid-back surfing feel in his music.  Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Kevin has spent his whole life involved in the surfing culture, and many believe his sound is evocative of this special lifestyle.  Kevin also adds in folk-music inspiration to give his music a unique flavor and feel.  An independent musician, Kevin averages 170 shows per year and travels the state and country sharing his music with appreciative audiences.  He also collaborates with other musicians and is releasing his own solo album in 2013.

For More Information: http://www.kevinmiso.com