11 December, 2013: Haunted cabin — Khaleesi is the fourth release from Detroit post-punk band Odd Hours. It comprises the Khaleesi single, music video and remixes by artists like Tunde Olaniran and Eddie Logix. The EP with audio single, remixes and video are being released on Dec. 6 at Corktown Studios in Detroit. 

The lyrics for Khaleesi were inspired by the dynamics of Tim Jagielo and Natasha Beste’s relationship in the band, and her own struggle with wanting power but also wanting praise. The song’s colossal and anthemic chorus is coupled with Beste’s plaintive alto, intimate and dark during the verses. 

The video itself includes a speedboat ride with Beste’s 70-year-old, bandana-clad grandfather and the band throwing fifty pounds of Vietnamese hell money into a raging bonfire. “From the way we look on stage, to using my grandfather in our videos, we want to be dark and sexy, but also confuse you by being weird and playful,” said Beste. 

The story descends into a black room with a seven-foot tall custom-made steel throne, and a hanging set — an installation of 400 hand-cut acrylic pieces in the shape of reflective crystalline daggers. 

Jagielo and Beste both wear hand-made costumes — Jagielo is painted black from head to toe with battle skirt and metallic head dress. Beste is a bored romantic in a lengthy, heavy black gown with curls and a long fishtail braid. Beste also transforms for the fourth scene, into the petulant hateful prince who has it all. 

The video mixes striking visuals inspired by the 90’s punk/Americana look of artist Ssion and the luxurious, cold, Gothic look of the black dance scene in the 80’s movie “Legend.” The name of course is the made up name for “queen” from the HBO show Game of Thrones. 

The Khaleesi music video was produced by Odd Hours and Gold House Media, directed by Kevin Eckert, with art direction from Tunde Olaniran. The new music video is now on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh4CpIlPduw&feature=youtu.be 

Odd Hours is the dark, sexy and avant-garde alternative to the 4/4 dance and friendly folk-based indie pop being hoisted by mainstream and indie radio. For more info. about Odd Hours, visit their web site at http://www.oddhoursmusic.com 

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