Khidki's latest story is a unique tale on Siamese Twins


Khidki’s new story traces the lives of cojoined twins Simran (Sheena Bajaj) and Kiran (ChandniBhagnani).As Siamese twins, the sisters have completely different personalities, likes, choices and attitudes. Whatever hardships they face in everyday life, they still try to be happy. For the parents, their lovely daughters are their heart and universe.


As the story progresses, Kiran falls in love with Vikram and has a deep desire to marry him and start a family. While Kiran’s parents agree on their relationship, the obvious problem is the twins separation. The family visits several hospitals and doctors but they find it very challenging to find a doctor who would operate on the two. The story is very different and at the same time it has several sweet and humorous elements in it.

How the family finds a doctor? And if they get separated successfully is something that the viewers will have to find out in this week’s episode.


Actress ChandniBhagnani said, “I am delighted to be a part of such a different story at Khidki. To play the character of a Siamese twin, we went through a proper workshop where we were trained to sit, walk and eat together. Initially, It was very difficult, yet it was very entertaining because while doing everyday task we needed to coordinate our movements and we weren’t allowed to remove the belt during shooting hours. After every 2-3 hours we used to rush to the washroom to get rid of the belt for some time.”


Sharing her experiences, Sheena Bajaj said, “ It was really difficult and different to do something like this. The belt was the bond which reminded us of being  connected all the time. I really want to thank SAB TV for giving me such an opportunity and experience.”


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