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New Lenox, Il, 10/12/2015 — According to CNN News, A was removed from a donor through a woman's body.
In what is being heralded as a "first-ever procedure," surgeons removed a healthy kidney through a donor's vagina, the Johns Hopkins Medical Center has announced.
Jennifer Gilbert, center, received a kidney from Kimberly Johnson, at right in green.
Jennifer Gilbert, center, received a kidney from Kimberly Johnson, at right in green.
Although the procedure has been previously done to extract cancerous and nonfunctioning kidneys that threatened a patient's health, the January 29 surgery was the first time it was done for donation purposes, the center said in a news release issued Monday.
"The kidney was successfully removed and transplanted into the donor's niece, and both patients are doing fine," Dr. Robert Montgomery, chief of transplant surgery at Johns Hopkins, said in the release.
The surgery is considered less invasive and could pave the way for an increase in organ donations, it added.
"Removing the kidney through a natural opening should hasten the patient's recovery and provide a better cosmetic result," Montgomery said.
He told CNN on Tuesday, "We want to make it easier for people to donate, to have less impact on their lives, [be] in the hospital a shorter amount of time and get back to their lives quicker."
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The woman was chosen to be the first donor to undergo the procedure because a previous hysterectomy enabled doctors to operate without a uterus obstructing their efforts, he added.
The three-hour procedure typically allows the donor to return home within 24 hours.
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