21, July 2015: Pediatric dentists at Kids Best Dentist in NYC frequently need to restore children’s primary or milk teeth. NuSmile® pediatric crowns deliver better esthetic results and are longer lasting than other dental restoration choices.

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The pediatric dentists at Kids Best Dentist NYC have chosen to use these particular crowns because they are extremely high quality and provide the best results for their young patients. Nu Smile® pediatric crowns are ideal for restoring primary teeth affected by early childhood caries or for repairingkids teeth that have been damaged by trauma. The crowns have a hard-wearing stainless steel substructure and are anatomically correct. They are covered with a tooth-colored coating that looks quite natural.

The crowns can be used to restore front and back teeth, and as they are pre-made can be fitted at the same time early childhood caries is treated. These pediatric crowns come in a variety of shapes, shades and sizes and children’s teeth are prepared to fit the crown. A pediatric crown will completely cover up the damaged tooth so afterwards a child can use the tooth to bite, chew and speak.

Parents will need to take care to avoid giving their child very hard or sticky foods while the crown is in place as these could dislodge or break the pediatric crown. The pediatric crown will stay in the mouth until the adult tooth is ready to erupt, at which stage the crown will come out still attached to the primary tooth.

Early childhood caries is a big problem, particularly as tooth decay can soon progress in children’s teeth. Parents are recommended to begin professional dental care early on as this enables pediatric dentists to pick up the first signs of tooth decay at a stage when the tooth can still be restored with either a filling or a pediatric crown.

About the Practice:

Kids Best Dentist NYC was established more than twenty years ago in 1992 and is one of the most highly respected pediatric dental practices in Brooklyn. The practice is designed to be child oriented, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is very non-threatening for young kids. The pediatric dentists at the practice have been hand-picked for their excellent credentials and their ability to relate to nervous kids, and the practice has its own orthodontist and on-site dental laboratory.

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