HGH, which is unbelievably easy to get, and according to experts, it is increasingly being used by wealthy parents who are looking to give their children a leg up in sports performance. The trend isn’t new but it is growing at an alarming rate leading to a number of health concerns. What was once practiced by a small number of wealthy parents is now becoming quite common among parent with money who want to see their children excel in sports

For decades children have been treated with HGH for growth disorders, but the latest trend medical professionals are seeing is parents seeking doctors to give kids HGH to improve their sports performance. What was once one request per month has now become a request one or more times a week.

It’s not uncommon for the fathers of young baseball players to expect their doctor to prescribe HGH so that their child can add height and improve performance. Just recently a father offered a pediatric endocrinologist at a Florida children’s hospital more than $49,000 a year to give his child HGH. Even when children who are going to be tall, parents are looking for their kids to enjoy the sport performance benefits of HGH. Go to HGH10 to find out more on HGH injections!

Are There Risks?

According to Dr. Judith L. Ross, a pediatric endocrinologist at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, the long-term effects of HGH therapy are unclear, particularly for children whose hormone levels are normal to begin with. There are concerns that IGF-1 , a protein the liver produces that intervenes the action of HGH, there may be an increased risk of developing cancer. When the hormone is administered, IGF-1 levels rise.

Dr. Ross said, “Thus far we have seen a slight increase in recurrence in children with brain tumors .”

Designer Children

In 2003, the US FDA approved the use of HGH in children with short stature without having to be diagnosed with a metabolic hormone deficiency. However, this has lead to some wealthy parents looking to create ‘designer children,’ without worrying about the increased risk of scoliosis, diabetes, cancer and other hgh side effects that some studies have indicated.

Alex Rodriguez currently appealing a suspension for using HGH, reports that fathers commonly take their high school-aged sons to a Miami-area clinic for an HGH boost. While there is not an exact number of how many parents very willingly do so, it’s safe to say it’s plenty.

According to statistics provided by Florida Blue, a major health-care provider, prescriptions for HGH that they covered were 376 percent higher in 2012 than in 2003. That’s almost four times higher.

Scott McClelland, Florida Blue’s senior director of commercial and specialty pharmacy, said, “Most of the increase is due to use by children.”

Alarming Increases

During the same period from 2003 to 2012, Florida Blue data showed the rise in HGH prescriptions was 84 percent in Miami-Dade and 43 percent in Broward counties over the same period.

The root of of the problem is that in youth sports there are parents who are willing to do absolutely anything to ensure their children are ahead of their peers. Little League can make these parents aware of the risks; however, it is doubtful that it will make any difference since most think the rewards are justified. Go to HGHhelp for a comprehensive list of HGH side effects.

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