The new exercise wheel by King Athletic helps users build a strong, sculpted core, while engaging both the back and abdomen muscle areas.

The latest exercise tool by King Athletic, the Ab Roller, helps users develop core strength, and sculpt and tone their abdominal muscles. An ergonomically designed ab roller that prioritizes safety and efficiency can help any type of exerciser work out their core muscles in a well-balanced way.

Traditionally more challenging than crunches, ab roller exercises force the user to engage their lower back muscles in order to offset the effect of gravity and the urge to arch their back as the Ab Roller is rolled forward. As a result, the spine assumes a straight, optimal position during the movement that gradually strengthens the core.

King Athletic advises people to use the exercise wheel without rush and with the right technique to avoid muscle straining and back or neck injury. Using the Ab Roller to exercise can offer users greater ease when performing daily movements and can even provide back pain relief due to prolonged standing or sitting.

The Ab roller is made of durable, environmentally friendly material and can be assembled and dissembled in a matter of minutes. It is sturdy enough to withstand total body weight without it falling apart during use.

The Ab Roller features a dual action wheel system that gives the user more control and stability during exercise. Its action wheels feature a traction tread to ensure full control during movement and prevent slipping when used on smooth surfaces or in advanced rolling exercises.

Compared to non-assisted, conventional crunches or crunches using stationary exercisers, the Ab Roller by King Athletic elongates the spine thus engaging a larger area of muscles groups in the abdomen and lower back.

The Ab Roller comes with a lifetime warranty and a full-refund in case of any issue with the purchase. King Athletic provides a full refund plus a new Ab Roller shipped to the customer at no additional cost. The Ab Roller is available now at Amazon and the King Athletic store at

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