Best-selling sports brand King Athletic announces the extension of its 30% off discount on the just released pressure point Massage Roller Ball Set. The discount will be extended for 2 more weeks starting today and it is available for all purchases carried through Amazon.

The King Athletic Massage Ball Set consists of three deep tissue massaging balls that offer lasting and targeted relief to overtrained muscles. The massaging balls are one popular technique of self-myofascial release and physiotherapy as it effectively eases muscle pain and tightness. The set helps eliminate knots and muscle kinks caused by repetitive movements and strenuous workouts.

The Lacrosse style massage balls are made of durable rubber to offer targeted and effective muscle relief without them breaking under the weight or pressure exerted on them. They’re stronger than tennis balls and are specifically developed to withstand repetitive use.

The 3-ball set comes with a free carry-on bag so that users can benefit from self-myofascial release wherever they go.

Deep tissue massaging is no longer just the privilege of pro athletes. People can enjoy the invigorating benefits of self-myofascial release on commonly problematic areas like the shoulders, back, neck, glutes and calves. Fascia massaging—which is widely adopted in yamuna (body rolling) yoga—helps people reap all the benefits of pro-massaging at home.

“People love getting massages, they feel rejuvenated and relaxed afterwards,” Benjamin Davies, King Athletic’s spokesperson said. “Especially after a long day at the office or after a strenuous workout, people crave the pain relief that self-myofascial release can provide.”

The King Athletic massage balls are recommended after and before a workout. As a workout warm-up, the massage balls help iron out muscle knots and warm up hard-to-reach muscle regions. Combined with dynamic stretching, the Lacrosse-style massaging ball helps reduce the risk of workout injury by sending adequate blood to the region to warm it up.

Self-myofascial release using an OPTP ball helps improve joint flexibility and mobility. By gently massaging through trigger points and tense muscles, the massaging ball helps improve range of motion during exercise which results in better performance.

King Athletic offers a full refund and a new ball set in case one’s purchase has an issue. The muscle roller also comes with a lifetime product satisfaction warranty.
About King Athletic

King Athletic is a design oriented and innovation focused company, constantly seeking to help athletes of all skill levels reach their peak performance. King Athletic strives to be a leader in the sporting goods and accessories industry (specializing in Jump Ropes) with a brand built on a love and passion for sports and athleticism.

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