King Athletic has just launched its latest exercise machine, the Ab Roller, a sturdy, efficient tool for improving core strength and enhancing sports performance in professional athletes and amateurs.

Sports brand King Athletic is extending its range of exercise equipment with a new addition — the Ab Roller The ab carving exercise machine is available on Amazon and the official King Athletic online store. This tool helps athletes build an exceptionally strong core and back muscles, essential for carrying out demanding physical tasks and movements during their sport of choice. Apart from making abs more 'hardcore', ab wheel rollouts help improve mobility in the joints and flexibility.

"Compared to normal crunches, ab wheel rollouts do not result in a muscle imbalance. In fact, thanks to their ability to engage core and back muscles simultaneously, ab wheel rollouts ensure both muscle groups are harmonically strengthened and any muscle imbalance and stiffness is eradicated. As a consequence, posture is enhanced, slouching is prevented, and back pain is reduced," Benjamin Davies, King Athletic spokesperson said about the Ab Roller's superiority to regular crunches.

Ab Roller workouts engage muscle groups like the shoulders, arms and chest resulting in improved intramuscular coordination and upper body strength. That's why more and more professional athletes integrate ab wheel rollouts in their weekly regimes in a wide array of sports. Ab Rollers are being used in sports ranging from football to tennis, and from MMA to any sport that requires precision and force in swinging, jumping or kicking. With improved core stability and strength, an athlete can enhance their sports performance as every movement no matter how technical or demanding originates from a stable, strong core.

The King Athletic Ab Roller is a premium quality ab wheel tool ideal for professional athletes and amateurs alike who seek to achieve more competitive edge in their sport of choice. The Ab Roller features a dual action wheel system with a traction tread that prevents sliding. Two comfortable grip handles further increase movement control for the user.

The Ab Roller is available on Amazon and the King Athletic online store. Every purchase comes with a money-back guarantee which includes a full refund.

About King Athletic

King Athletic is a design oriented and innovation focused company, constantly seeking to help athletes of all skill levels reach their peak performance. King Athletic strives to be a leader in the sporting goods and accessories industry (specializing in Jump Ropes) with a brand built on a love and passion for sports and athleticism.

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