King Athletic reveals Foam Rolling is an essential lifestyle and workout activity. The best-selling brand explains how foam rolling reduces muscle soreness, prevents activity-based injuries and improves range of motion and mobility.

Wilmington, Delaware — King Athletic , bestselling sports brand that recently launched its 2-in-1 Foam Roller, reveals three reasons why people should use foam roll on a consistent basis. Injury prevention, faster muscle recovery and improved mobility and range of motion are the three benefits self-myofascial release through a foam roller provides.

Foam rolling is one self-myofascial release technique with proven benefits. King Athletic spokesperson Davies Benjamin said of the effect of foam rolling on muscle soreness and recovery:

“A study in 2014 published in the Medicine and Science of Sports and Exercise revealed that foam rolling reduces muscle soreness, improves muscle activation and range-of-motion. Athletes and exercise enthusiasts often complain of tight, sore muscles after taxing workouts and foam rolling helps reduce this frustration of aching muscles.”

Apart from helping reduce soreness in muscles and speed up recovery, foam rolling also helps improve range of motion, flexibility, and mobility in individuals. A literature review of nine studies published in Current Sports Medicine Reports reveals that self-myofascial release improves range of motion and offsets muscle fatigue. Thus, adding foam rolling exercising in one’s warm-up means people can exercise and perform typical daily tasks with more freedom in how they extend and flex their muscles. In terms of exercising, bigger range of motion means muscles work harder resulting in better strength and bigger muscle size.

Injury prevention is one of the most often cited benefits of foam rolling. Backed by clinical research, the role of foam rolling on injury prevention and rehabilitation is unquestionable. Foam rollers are an integral aspect of sports therapy and physiotherapy.

Muscle injury is possible due to inactivity and over-exertion. These make one’s fascia tight and as a result more prone to injury. Foam rolling helps tight muscles relax so upon activity the risk of inflammation, post-workout pain, muscle fatigue and injury are reduced.

The King Athletic newly released Foam Roller is a 2-in-1 system featuring a hollow, hard foam roller and a soft foam roller. With a total of three surface textures, individuals can choose the tension and pressure they want to exert on each muscle group to reap the maximum benefits of self-myofascial release. The Foam Roller is currently on a 30% off discount on Amazon with coupon code ROLL2000.

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