King Athletic has recently launched its brand new Stability Disk, a wobble cushion individuals can use for exercising and active sitting. King Athletic discussed the benefits of the stability balance disc in a new announcement this week.

Sports gear brand, King Athletic, has launched its first stability balance disc on Amazon and the official King Athletic ecommerce site, helping more individuals improve posture and mobility, strengthen their core, and engage in the latest health trend of active sitting. The stability balance disk can be used for standing exercises to add variety to one's existing fitness program and as a wobbly cushion for sitting whether at work or at home.

The flat air-filled disc is soft enough to sit on for hours. The unbalance created due to its air-filled shape forces the person sitting on it to exert effort in order to balance themselves. This mechanism is what makes sitting 'active'. As the user's body sways left and right, and back and forth to stabilize itself, this movement engages the lower back and torso, strengthening the muscles in the area in the process.

But apart from the torso and core, one's pelvis is also engaged in this active sitting exercise. Prolonged sitting in office chairs - no matter how ergonomic - cause stiffness in the hips and the entire pelvic area. Like previously mentioned, the stability disc cushion helps activate the muscle groups in the area while improving balance and mobility and at the same time. This actively increases overall muscle strength.

The strong enough to sit and stand on instability cushion or wobbly seat disc has a number of other benefits; it helps energetic children or children with fidgeting issues concentrate better in class, and helps adults reduce stress.

Used as a move and sit cushion, the King Athletic balance disk for chairs can offer individuals the aforementioned health benefits, and make sitting less harmful and more dynamic.

The King Athletic balance disc features two surfaces: one with soft spikes, and a surface with soft rubber pumps. It is environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and comes with a smart pump for inflating in a matter of minutes.

Made of quality rubber material, it contains no BPAs and comes with King Athletic's seal of quality: the company offers a money back guarantee for all of its products and will send a new stability disc at no additional cost.

About King Athletic

King Athletic is a design oriented and innovation focused company, constantly seeking to help athletes of all skill levels reach their peak performance. King Athletic strives to be a leader in the sporting goods and accessories industry (specializing in Jump Ropes) with a brand built on a love and passion for sports and athleticism.

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