Today, Kitchen Lovers, an esteemed brand in household appliances has just released its redesigned Salt and Pepper Grinder Set.

February 20, 2017 — There is nothing quite like freshly ground garnishes. Even the most refined and expensive pre-ground pepper is simply no match for pepper that is ground fresh and on the spot. Kitchen Lovers understands this importance of fresh seasoning, so the company has developed a set of salt and pepper shakers that are simply unparalleled.

With five fineness setting, a stainless steel finish, and durable ceramic rotors, the Salt and Pepper Grinder Set is sure to contribute to countless meals, adding the perfect touch.

Additionally, these shakers are currently on sale for over fifty percent off. What’s more is that all Kitchen Lovers products, shakers included, come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked.

To learn more visit the Kitchen Lovers Amazon page.

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