Clearwater, Florida; 24, June 2016: Kitchen thing-a-ma-jigs, a household name in kitchen items introduces its latest kitchen tool - Whisk Set Stainless Steel 10" Ball and 8" Balloon. Whisking is one of the commonest cooking activities and many kitchen users have struggled to get the most effective and durable whisk set that fits virtually any bowl regardless of the size.

KITCHEN thing-a-ma-jigs

The Kitchen thing-a-ma-jigs whisk set stainless comes in two different designs and shape, allowing users to get every whisking job done with ease and even faster. With the Kitchen thing-a-ma-jigs whisk set, no whisking job is too small or too big to be done as it does not only fit any pan, but also ensures that cooks and other such kitchen users are able to get the job done easier.

The whisk set comes in balloon and ball shape, fitting any kind of ball irrespective of the shape or size. While the ball whisk tool is available in 10”, the balloon-shaped version measures 8”. The versatility of the whisk set makes it even more attractive to users.

Made with stainless steel, the set is durable and easy to clean. Unlike other whisk set, buyers are sure of owning a long-lasting kitchen that stands the test of time and outlives its money as it would not rust. It gets even better with the Kitchen thing-a-ma-jigs whisk set stainless steel as it requires very little efforts to make clean as a simple toss in the dishwasher guarantee the tool coming out clean and ready-to-use.

The Kitchen thing-a-ma-jigs set whisk stainless steel is carefully designed for easy usage and storage, having handy hooks that allows for easy hanging on the utensil rack and easy usage that guarantees results that cannot be matched by any other such product.

Blending, elimination of lumps in food, air incorporation and whipping are made absolutely easy and faster with the Whisk Set Stainless Steel 10" Ball and 8" Balloon.

The manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee of a full refund to unsatisfied customers goes a long way to underline the confidence in the efficiency and reliability of the product.

About KITCHEN thing-a-ma-jigs:

KITCHEN thing-a-ma-jigsis a manufacturer of small kitchen gadgets, based in Clearwater Florida. The company has been making chef and users of kitchen utensils across the globe happy with the provision of state-of-the-art world-class kitchen gadgets that have made cooking and baking easier and faster.

Some popular kitchen gadgets from the stables of KITCHEN thing-a-ma-jigs include the 48-blade meat tenderizer, and the recently announced Whisk Set Stainless Steel 10" Ball and 8" Balloon.

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