Table setting and use of cutlery is actually an art. Not everyone is familiar with the way of using the cutlery. There are also certain fundamental principle to be followed when setting up a table. Often, we use the term cutlery too loosely, using it to refer to forks and knives. What is the actual location for both these items? Place the knife and the spoons on the right side of the plate. The forks, on the other hand, must be placed on the left side. If there are two forks, then you have to use the fork that is farthest from you.

One of these days, you may find yourself in a situation where you have two spoons on the right side of your plate and two forks on the left. If the soup is served along with the salads, you need to use the respective spoons and forks. When placing your salad fork on the table, put it the farthest away from your plate. The next dish or item that will be served will be eaten using the other fork.

The spoon to be used for the soup will be the further one away on the right side of the plate. The other spoon will be used for the next food item that will be served in the hotel. When you look at the location of the butter knife, it will be placed on the bread plate. When you need the steak knives, you need only look at the one closest to the plate.

You also have to learn how to use the fork properly. Not knowing how to use the cutlery items properly often leads to humiliating situations that we couldn't get out of. Do not try loading your fork with too much food. When you load too much of food on the spoon or fork, much of it will spill out on the table and on your dress. Large gatherings often mean there are more people around, so you would be well-advised to have good manners, when using cutlery.

You should also know how to hold the knife properly. It should not be placed between your index finger and thumb. The right way is to put your index finger above the knife. The handle of the knife should reach just about the end of your palm. When you are cutting meat, you need to place the fork on the left hand. The knife will be able to cut the meat better this way. This is also how you should slice your pizza when you're eating one. You should not do any back and forth movements when slicing pizza.

If the small fork is placed on the outer side on the table, then you need to understand that salad will be eaten first. These tips on using cutlery are very simple and straightforward and you should be able to follow them easily. However, they will serve you very well indeed, especially in large and prestigious gatherings, where table manners and etiquette are important.

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