As the number of people showing interest in pets like dogs and cats is increasing, the demand for cattery systems and galvanized kennels is also on the rise. These houses for pets need to be both comfortable as well as likeable for the pets. So, it is important that you choose only those that are providing a comfortable environment for your pets.

Cattery systems are places where two or more cats are accommodated for providing them with a comfortable environment. As we all know, cats are hard to be raised in confined places. They are also not pack animals. So providing them with a perfect accommodation is a huge challenge for the owners. An owner must provide his/her pets with clean and healthy habitat because after all, they are his/her pets depending on him/her for survival.

The most primary needs of pet cats are comfortable space, clean bedding, good ventilation, healthy and nutritious food, and water. The owner should ensure that the cats are free from diseases and entertain them for some time on a daily basis. If you are able to provide your cats with all the above-mentioned necessities without failing then your cattery system can be considered as quite efficient and you, a loving owner.

Each cat requires a minimum of 30 cubic feet of space and if you are able to provide even more, it only adds to the wellbeing of the animal. Like humans, cats also desire good ventilation and airflow. They not only improve the quality of the environment but also prevent the spreading of bacteria and diseases. Lighting is also a huge factor. Sufficient lighting, if not available, may cause the coats of the cats to shed. However, extreme light is also undesirable. So you need to provide a natural cycle for the biological receptors of the cats to function correctly, even when employing artificial lights.

Dogs, on the other hand, are easier to be bred in a cage or kennel. Humans are known to have pet dogs since ancient times. They are also regarded as man’s best friend. Therefore, we should provide a comfortable and healthy place to live to these wonderful pets. The basic requirements of the kennels are almost similar to that of the cattery systems, like proper ventilation, sufficient room, hygienic environment, good food and water. On the next portion of our discussion, let’s focus on the galvanized kennels that are becoming popular especially in places like the UK.

Galvanized kennels are now increasing in popularity, both in the canine and small animal containment systems. They have the ability to accommodate a particular number of animals regardless of the breed type. They are carefully built with a heavy-duty tubular frame and are available in a variety of types. Most of the galvanized kennels can be easily assembled and removed in minutes. Usually, they have a height of about six feet. The main advantage that these galvanized kennels have over other types of dog kennels is that they can be used to house any dog, no matter how strong it is. Other kennels may get damaged when the dog tries to break free.


If you are planning to setup cattery systems or buy galvanized kennels for your pets, you can check online for more choices and cheaper prices.