There is certainly nothing that says "I love you" quite like a morganite engagement ring. Such unique engagement bands offer an intense assurance of love and loyalty compared to the standard diamond engagement ring. They are wonderful, engaging, gleaming, and the best quality gemstone for somebody that wants to handpick the unique and daring testimony of love for the one and only bride to be.

Created to perfectly propose

Most grooms desire to propose in an unique way; this requires an investment in unique engagement rings. Diamond rings have always been the conventional way to propose to a bride. There are numerous appealing aspects to a diamond engagement ring. But gemstones have an unique appeal all their own. There are various gemstone rings worthy of investigation.

Here are a few different types that are worthy of consideration:

Moissanite engagement rings - Moissanite is made of a brilliant material. It appears similar to a diamond; in fact it is often compared to a diamond. It is clear and colorless like a diamond. However there are many differences between this gemstone and a diamond. For one, the diamond has a different composition. The moissanite consists of silicon carbide; moissanite sparkles greater than a diamond, and tolerates heat better than a diamond; moissanite is created so that is tougher, more durable and more brilliant.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring - This beautiful stone is a blue/purple colored stone that is a variety of a mineral identified as zoisite. First identified in Northern Tanzania, it is a gemstone which is very strong and may appear bluer in fluorescent light. It is considered a very rare gemstone, found mostly now in the foothills along Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite has healing properties associated with alteration and the heart center in the body, linked with Divine love and communication, which make it ideal as an engagement ring because it is connected with love, and our ability to communicate love with each other. There is no better stone for expressing love to one another, or eternal spiritual love connected to one another, and the divine.

Morganite Jewelry - Morganite is also known as a pink emerald or a rose coloured gemstone. It is found in other colors including an orange/yellow color. It was initially discovered off of the coast of Madagascar in the early 1900s, and is relevant to other gemstones including tourmaline that is present in California. It is among the largest gemstones discovered. One variety, referred to as red beryl, is quite uncommon and regarded as a precious stone. Morganite and the morganite meaning is associated with divine love, is considered to have healing properties associated with love, which makes it perfect for an engagement ring.

The morganite stone is often used in other types of jewelry other than engagement jewelry partly because it is rare and partly because of its connected with communication and its healing properties connected with love.

The morganite gemstone vibrates at the heart centers as well as the thymus centers. It regulates the body's capability to connect not only with love energies but also spiritual energies, enabling people to connect with the beauty present in the world and with their own ability to recognize beauty and the beauty in other people. Having morganite jewelry allows people to connect with a sense of divine love, peace, joy and their own inner strength. This allows individuals to break off from negative feelings.

A few believe that morganite may help them attract their soul-mate or to deepen their current relationships. When experiencing loss and distress, or feelings of depression, the loving pink energies of morganite could help someone help discharge feelings of grief and turmoil.

morganite engagement ring