There have been some decorated figures in the world of furniture. We're talking about the most well known furniture designers in the world. Their work has not just revolutionized furniture design but has also given rise to a new breed of furniture designers that brought in new thoughts and ideas to create some of the most stunning looking furniture items in the world. Every era in furniture design has had the influences of these decorated furniture designers and many of them are still revered today. When you plan to buy designer furniture Sydney or designer furniture Gold Coast you would do well to get to know about some of these famous furniture designers. This will give you clarity on designer furniture.


There are some furniture designers that you must know about because this gives you an idea on how furniture designing has changed its course over the years. Here I’ve mentioned three furniture designers that revolutionized this domain.


Charles and Ray Eames are perhaps the most celebrated furniture designers of all time. The husband wife duo created some of the most stunning pieces of modern furniture. The Eames lounge chairs and the Eames ottomans are their best creations. They were an essential part of American modernism in the 50s.


Eero Saarinen is another furniture designer who will find its names in the hall of fame of this domain. The Finnish-American architect is best known for his St. Louis Arch. His tulip table and classic executive chair designed for Knoll in the beginning of the 50s are considered collectors’ items now.


Florence Knoll-Bassett is best known for her sofas and case pieces. She never considered herself as a furniture designer but started designing when her interior decoration ideas needed specific furniture pieces. She is at the forefront of modern furniture design and the collections from her company include works by Alexander Gerrared, Eero Saarinen, George Nakashima and Harry Bertoia.


Of course, there are many others whose name cannot be missed in the domain of furniture design. Each of them has had their contributions to the world of furniture and this is why their designs are so much in demand. Of course, you need to pay more than premium prices to buy original creations from these masters. But there is another option that you have — you can consider buying replica designer furniture Sydney or designer furniture Gold Coast.


Replica designer furniture Sydney and designer furniture Gold Coast consist of furniture items that are different from standard furniture. These furniture items are created using the best of materials procured from the best sources. There are showrooms of such replica furniture and if you want the best you should pay them a visit. Choosing the best in designer furniture Sydney or designer furniture Gold Coast will become easier for you.


The options you find in replica designer furniture Sydney and designer furniture Gold Coast are amazing. These items can transform your rooms and make your home worthy of someone of your taste. Look at the options and make the best purchases.


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