The thing that any cosmopolitan recipe and white russian recipe have in common is, of course, vodka. Spirit drinkers truly know how to appreciate their value so if you have not tried these lately or maybe never before, knowing what kind of variations to expect is vital. Whenever you ask for a vodka based cocktail, these two will be on top of the list so read on and inform yourself.


To begin with, Cosmo is a famous cocktail whose primary alcohol by volume is vodka. It is regularly served straight up, with no ice, in a cocktail glass, with a lime rim or a lemon twist. Inside the glass however, apart from alcohol, we also have triple sec, fresh lime juice and cranberry juice.


On the other hand, we have the russian cocktail, whose primary alcohol by volume consists from vodka — five parts -, and coffee liqueur — two parts. Served in an old-fashioned glass, on the rocks, poured over ice, it also contains three parts of fresh cream added at the end, on top of the drink.


All these considered, both recipes look pretty simple yet catchy and tasty. What could someone possibly change on these standard patterns? Well, you would be surprised! A classic cosmopolitan recipe for instance can suffer so many changes. One may decide to add the lime wedge on the rim of the glass instead of shaking it together with all the ingredients. Some versions resort to cointreau instead of triple sec and they also replace the lime juice with lime cordial, giving different proportions to each ingredient.


If you have heard of Cosmocello, you must have thought of cosmo and you were right — it is a cosmo with limoncello instead of lime juice. Peachy versions are also quite popular and they consist from peach juice instead of cranberry and peach schnapps instead of triple sec. If it makes any difference to you, some prefer not to shake the ingredients, but to stir them in a special mixing glass.


Our next favorite white russian recipe also enjoys a wide range of changes, only that this time they also have different names. So whenever you hear of White Belgian, you should know that the coffee liqueur was replaced with chocolate liqueur. Anna Kournilova contains skim milk, the White Cuban replaces vodka with rum, the White Mexican includes horchata and the Blind Russian replaces cream with Baileys Irish Cream.


Some of these are more than tempting; others make us a little reluctant. No matter what vodka cocktail you are suggested, try to leave aside all your inhibitions. Bartenders have great skills in combining spirits with juices and sweeteners, yet the entire above are not simple experiments, but recipes promoted through time. After all, vodka is the purest spirit of them all and it deserves the spoil of being treated with all kind of extra ingredients.



Try your favorite cosmopolitan recipe, white russian recipe or any other vodka based beverage and add your own personal twist. You would be surprised!