USA - LED market is very hot recently and urban landscape lighting and building lighting projects are all making use of the LED light. However, as purchase for the LED light product, the choosing of the LED products should remain cal and scientific analysis. Now, the famous LED Lights products supplier Go Green Lighting will help each purchase learn about the basically properties of the LED lighting products.

First, the different brightness of LED products will also lead to the price difference. The LED light which used for lamps shall comply with the Laser Class I standards. This is basically requirement for LED lighting product.

Secondly, the higher antistatic ability of the LED light could let this product own longer service life. Therefore, the LED with higher antistatic ability will have higher prices. Typically, the LED light which the static resistance performance could be more than 700V can be used for LED lighting.

Fourth, the LED is one-way conductive light and if there is anti-direction current it could be called the current leakage. The LED light which has bigger leakage current has short life and low prices. However, if people choose the LED supplier such as Go Green Lighting, they should not worry about this quality problem.

Fifth, the LED lights which used for different places and application purposes should have different lighting angle . These LED products own special light-emitting angle should have the higher price such as all diffusion angle LED lighting product which also known as LED flood light own very high price.

Sixth, The LED light with different quality will has different length of service life. The service life of this product will be determined by the light fades. If the lighting decay is small, the LED product will has very long life and the price of it will be certainly higher.

Seventh, the wafer chip should be the core lighting part of the LED light-emitting products. However, different kind of chip will greatly determine the different price of this LED product. Chips from Japan and the United States should be more expensive and the chip from Asia countries should be generally lower than that from Japan and the America.

Last, the colloidal of normally LED light product should be generally the epoxy resin. If the LED product has been added the UV resistant and fire retardant material, the price of it will be much higher. The high quality outdoor LED lighting should have good resistance with the UV and fire.

After reading this article, each people should get enough information about the LED product. LED Light Margate hopes each people could purchase their ideal LED light by these useful information. For more information, please visit their official website.

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