The newly launched app at has made it possible to Facetime for android. Originally facetime was launched by Apple back in 2010 with their iphone 4 as a means for Apple users to connect with other users on a more personal level. Video calling is not something new however the best thing about facetime is that this app is integrated right into the phone dialer. Currently, facetime works only on Apple devices and so this app works only between the apple users. However, the good news is, there are several alternatives of facetime that are now available for android users. Some of the popular alternstives available are skype, fring, tango, etc. however, these apps do not provide much satisfaction as facetime. A lot of people requested and even tried getting facetime for android but without any success as there is no such facetime app for android till now.

However, has launched a new facetime app for android which has been made possible by copying the codes of IOS. This new factetime for android has been created by some expert hackers who have discovered a way to make facetime accessible to utilize for android systems. This makes it possible for the android users to facetime even with a different operating system.

According to the website, this application operates through the iOS ROM that is originally based from the iphone application. However, through this application, the iOS ROM is deciphered into a language which the android system can crack and use it to build the facetime app for android systems. In order to meet the specifications of the android application, the hackers have modified the design and this has resulted into the ideal facetime for android. Facetime for android was created by the developers in order to help users connect to all devices.  For more information please visit



The website offers the best app for facetime for android. This app can be easily installed by following the simple instructions given by the android facetime installer.

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