Los Angeles, California; 15, August 2015: During the press conference of the company yesterday, held at Los Angeles, California, the new start-up company behind Komega6 Focus Factor, through their spokesperson, Ms. Alice Mills, revealed that their newly-revolutionized dietary supplement is effective to help people lose their weight naturally.

“As a proof, there are a lot of Komega6 Focus Factor reviews posted and published in the Internet. This signifies how potent and beneficial our product is towards individual drive of burning off excess fat, calories, just to lose weight and to look sexy,” Ms. Mills said.

What is Komega6 Focus Factor?

Komega6 Focus Factor is a dietary supplement for weight loss, with scientifically-proven and all-natural ingredients. This product is formulated and produced in a state-of-the-art laboratory facility to ensure that its quality will really meet the demands of the public.

According to the spokesperson of the company, Komega6 Focus Factor is formulated, since the health problems, like obesity or overweight gain, which affect a number of people from across the globe are really alarming.

Is this dietary supplement effective?

Based on the consumers’ feedback and comments online, this formula is considered effective. One Komega6 Focus Factor review is posted this way: “I was always the “fat girl” in class as a kid. I felt like I’d tried everything, but then I found Essential Oils. Focus Factor and Metabolic Lift combined have helped me lose almost 28 pounds. For the first time in my life, I’m fit and slim.” — Katherine from St. Louis.

Features and Benefits

- Burn fat dramatically
- Eliminate excess calories
- Energize the body
- Boost stamina and endurance
- Increase self-esteem
- Proven ingredients
- Highly-recognized company

Natural Ingredients
- Coconut Oil
- Kenaf Seed Oil
- Flax Seed Oil
- Avocado Oil

Availability of Komega6 Force Factor

This weight loss product, according to Ms. Mills, is available online via an official website. This product cannot be purchased at any leading drugstore or supermarket all over the world.

There is a Komega6 Focus Factor risk-free trial program being offered to all potential consumers globally.

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