Krishna teaches a lesson on honesty and integrity


KrishanKanhaiya is a distinct yet light hearted show portraying the ever confused and infuriated life of an atheist canteen manager, Kanhaiyalal. His persistent call outs and questions to Lord Krishna prompts the divine being himself to enter his life in various forms to solve Kanhaiyalal’s struggles and answer his questions attempting to bring peace in his life.

In the upcoming track Kanhaiya played by Nikhil Ratnaparkhi constructs a room without proper approvals from the concerned government authorities.Krishna played by SiddharthAroratries to find out why he has chosen the wrong path and Kanhaiya answers him saying in this country we do not need permissions and a bribe is enough to get the job done.

While Kanhaiya is celebrating at his own party a government official comes and demolishes the illegal construction. This is when Kanhaiya gets depressed and questions Krishna asking him why only the weak suffer every time?

Nikhil Ratnaparkhi who plays the role of Kanhaiya said, “The next track is about honesty and integrity. Krishna gives us a very beautiful example on the same and I am sure the viewers will learn from the same.”

To find out how Krishna answers Kanhaiya questions and doubts?


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