Krishnaraj out of bounds for Katrina Kaif


Katrina and Ranbir may have played hide and seek with the media previously, but it seems like they were avoiding a clash with the big daddy — Rishi Kapoor instead! Seems like the couple’s worst nightmare has come to life!


Reported by zoOm, the recent holiday pictures of the couple have awakened the sleeping giant! Previously a hangout spot for the duo, Katrina would often visit Krishnaraj and has allegedly even celebrated her birthday there. But it seems like this area is now off limits for Katz! Were these visits kept under wraps for a reason?


Well, sources have revealed that Rishi Kapoor is quite miffed with the recent rumors floating around about the couple. He has also had a bit of a show down with the media in the past about the same. Hence this time around when Katrina was visiting Ranbir post his trip to Colombo, she had to face the wrath of Kapoor daddy.


Being a father is Rishi trying to avoid another controversy or does he want to clarify the rumour of Katrina being the accepted Bahu of the Kapoor Khandan? For the latest and biggest stories from Bollywood, stay tuned to Planet Bollywood News every day at 7 pm only on zoOm — India’s No. 1 Bollywood Channel.


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