The Kubisys Platform is a Production-Based Lab solution that automates the creation of identical development and test environments from production

POMPTON LAKES, NJ — March 12, 2015 — Kubisys will be attending Microsoft Convergence 2015 from March 16-19 in Atlanta and is looking forward to displaying its game-changing technology. By providing a production-based lab environment, the Kubisys Platform enables organizations to implement and upgrade Microsoft Dynamics twice as fast as traditional methods. The award-winning solution accelerates complex deployments, merging speed with accuracy to lower operating cost, improve time-to-market and increase collaboration within the company.

One such customer that benefited enormously is a National Direct Marketing Company with over $1.4 billion in annual sales. Prior to Kubisys, this company struggled to upgrade its ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Recreating test environments would consume over 80 business hours a month, making code merges and bug fixes nearly impossible to execute in a timely manner. As a result, the company turned to Kubisys. Within an hour of use, the company was able to create a test environment that was an exact replica of its entire Dynamics application, allowing the IT staff to complete the upgrade seven months ahead of schedule. The company was able to save over $1.8 million in annual operating costs.

This customer’s situation is a prime example of the difficulty with upgrading or testing Microsoft Dynamics. When Dynamics is deployed, companies are often challenged to integrate changes without disrupting production. Legacy systems with highly customized integrations are typically un-documented and present an even greater challenge to replicate. Making matters worse, existing development and test environments rely on templates that are out-of-sync with production. These templates also rarely include 3rd party add-ons such as Customer Service or Sales Tax and Pricing software. Without these mission-critical components, a number of errors are introduced into production, leading to rework and extensive delays.

Kubisys solves these challenges by provisioning and orchestrating Microsoft Dynamics test environments with all integrations and configurations intact -- IP addresses, URLs and domain credentials. The process is performed within hours as opposed to weeks. Since development teams can work on an accurate replica of production, new software changes can be quickly vetted with both technology and business leaders alike. Operations teams can also test upgrade processes to ensure that run-books are accurate.  When omissions are found, the fixes can be documented and tested within the Kubisys test environment before rolling out onto production.   

Additionally, Kubisys is launching a Channel Partner Program to enable integrators, resellers, and agents to sell The Kubisys Platform. “We are very excited to share our award winning technology with our partners and to assist their clients in deploying production-based lab solutions. Our partners and their clients will immediately realize the benefits of The Kubisys Platform and test better, faster and safer, while increasing productivity and accelerating their time to market for their development and operations projects,” mentioned Soumen Chowdhury, VP of Business Development and Partner Programs at Kubisys.  “We are excited to partner with Kubisys. No other technology solution offers comprehensive benefits for all parties involved. Partners are able to accelerate their deployments while adding additional revenue streams. End users are able to realize the full value of their applications without disrupting business operations. With Kubisys, no one loses and that stands out from everything else on the market today,” announced Paul Arlin, Director of Operations at Pure Blues Technology.

With the power of production-based lab environments, Kubisys enables any partner or end-user within the Dynamics community to maximize its return-on-investment. We are excited to share our technology and to tell you more about Kubisys Channel Partner Program during Microsoft Convergence at booth #1256. Besides Microsoft Dynamics, Kubisys supports SharePoint development and integration test environments as well.  

About Kubisys
Kubisys is widely recognized as a leader in the DevOps space. In 2013, Kubisys was named a Cool Vendor in DevOps by Gartner Research Group and was voted as the Best Emerging Midmarket Solution. With the Kubisys Platform, companies can now automate the creation of complete and accurate test environments from production systems.

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