Family health information website Kula Mama shared some effective ways to ensure that children are pH balanced. In an article posted on the website, the writer shared some of the foods that children should eat.

“The body’s pH is a key factor in our overall health and wellness.  Are your eyes glazing over with flashbacks to 10th grade chemistry class?  Don’t worry,” Kula Mama stated in the article. “Help him shift his body back to an alkaline state (and to keep him healthy try to stay there!”

The website stated that when the children are sick, it is best to avoid acidic food sources first to facilitate better healing. It is noted that acidic food items can create body mucus. When these fluids accumulate, they can clog internally and cause more complications.

Some of the foods that children should avoid while sick are acidic foods. According to the website, these are dairy, eggs, meat, sugar, soft drinks, vinegar and others.

Rather, parents should learn to incorporate as many alkaline rich food sources into the diet of their children, more especially when they are sick. Some of the best food sources are kale, cucumber, wheat grass, lemon, avocado and grapefruit.

Nuts and seeds can also be good for the body that is sick, as well as pumpkin seeds, flax and anything that is sprouted, Kula Mama noted.

“After your child has kicked his cold to the curb, maintaining health is the number one priority.  An ideal diet for optimal health is 80 percent alkaline, 20 percent acidic,” Kula Mama added.

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