Labour Hire App is a newly-released, easy-to-use app specially built for industrial labour hire and recruitment services worldwide. It is the perfect tool for executives and IT management professionals looking for a paperless way to improve business workforce efficiency, process compliance, professionalism, and timely reporting.

Designed to complement labour hire systems of business environments with highly mobile workforce, the app could greatly increase company productivity even without being online. It makes all web-based solutions obsolete as this labour hire software works perfectly in remote areas with or without an internet connection.

Generating the right reports has never been easier with its user-friendly home page module which is exceedingly handy in providing labour hire solutions. With its pre-filled forms, you can easily dispatch jobs and tasks across your mobile workforce through Management Portal, a safe environment to secure and store documents, photos, and reports to ensure full compliance.

Improving business workflow is no problem at all with this labour hire and recruitment app as it features streamlined forms designed with accessibility and fluidity in mind, such as, Job Order Forms, Time Sheets, Log Books, Application Forms, Record of Tool Box Meeting, Meeting Minutes, Site Assessment, Safety & Follow-Up, Return to Work Plans, Safety Incident Notification, Safety Communication, and so much more.

Simple and highly-customisable reporting features make this among, if not the best, labour hire and recruitment software anywhere in the market. It also has Resources E-Library, a feature which allows you to store all latest documentation to allow all users instant access to the latest versions of documents such as Safe Work Method Statement, Company Policies, Promotional Literature, Standards, etc. Aside from that, it also allows you to make use of their Standard Reports, or if these won’t be applicable, it can build yours for you, thus saving you time and effort by using these services.

Not only will you have access to labour hire and recruitment solutions in your hands, but you can do so while helping the environment. Go paperless and eliminate the piles of paperwork mounting your workspace with this “business to business” app, integrating management for businesses with a lot of field-based activities as it enables real-time monitoring, reporting, secure management and storage of all business documents, ensuring a level of management and control not previously possible.

Powered by Cloud and Apps, Labour Hire App is completely supported by any mobile device: Smartphones and tablets utilising Apple, Android, and Windows 8 services. This innovative and ingeniously structured mobile app has brought about a huge positive impact to companies from over 80 industries worldwide.

With Labour Hire App, you can effectively manage your business in your own convenience and right at your fingertips.

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Labour Hire App is used globally by recruitment and industrial labour hire businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes and improve the professionalism of their reporting.

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