The fact that most plans offering travel insurance for family holidays will not cover ‘snow days’ or ‘makeup days’ does not seem to pose a concern for American families, who are happy to use these dates to take their children on a spring break.

That much was ascertained by renowned travel industry periodical the Travel Weekly, which recently published a feature on their website relating to holiday plans by American citizens with school-aged children.

The article in question, which included interviews with industry specialists, made it rather clear that the vast majority of companies offering travel insurance for family holidays will not allow for ‘snow days’ when children are let off school, or for the corresponding ‘makeup days’, in which the school tries to compensate for any closures. At best, these kinds of dates will be included in whatever ‘general’ bracket the policy includes, making holidays during these periods an extremely dicey proposition.

The vast majority of families interviewed by either the writer or the quoted specialists, however, did not seem concerned with the potential risks they were incurring. According to the insurance agents quoted in the piece, this is because most of these travellers are unwilling to lose the money on bookings with last minute cancellations, which most policies offering travel insurance for family holidays similarly do not cover.

Even more bizarrely, most agents report that this trend is similarly extending to teachers, especially younger ones. The reasons for this particular professional class to be affected are manifold, ranging from planned weddings to the simple need for relaxation. A similar trend is being verified with mothers of small children, who profit from these kinds of dates to benefit from some personal time away from their families.

As a result of these tendencies, many American schools are considering changing the way in which their yearly holidays are scheduled.

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