25, June 2016: Lafayette Resources, Kenya's leading HR and Business Consulting firm, will hold a PDA Accreditation Seminar August 2-4. The PDA system is touted to be the most robust and fastest growing talent management tools with a 90% reliability rate.

PDA Methodology consists of a powerful combination of assessment, training, and consulting that:

- Gives your executive team and organisation a common language
- Provides a solid foundation for employee growth and development
- Takes the guess work out of hiring and retaining talented people
- Helps you identify and develop your next generation of leaders

In this highly interactive 3 —Day Workshop Setting, experienced consultants from PDA International will teach you and your managers how to effective use the PDA Methodology.

You will be Accredited as a PDA Analyst, Become proficient at Interpreting results, learn how to utilise PDA as a powerful Coaching tool, and discover the many ways that you can use PDA to improve the performance of your business.

Those interested in learning more about Lafayette Resources, its upcoming seminar, and to register, should visit http://lafayette-resources.com/ or http://lafayette-resources.com/pda/#about.

Lafayette Resources is a human capital and business consulting company known for its unprecedented services, peerless results, and bold approach to tackling some of the HR industry's greatest challenges. The company is also known for its intimate partnership with every client, and the sheer passion for its team members.

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Lafayette Resources.
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