Lake District in the North West of England is a picturesque setting, and quite naturally a target point of tourists living in metropolitan environments looking to retreat in the nature. Nestled amidst mountains, forests and lakes, this locale has served the muse for many 19th century poets like Wordsworth.  Poets emerging from this district in the same century are historically referred to as Lake Poets. Tourists who fly in to enjoy their much-needed break from the mundane and mechanical lives often drift around on their legs to soak fully in the pristine sights and sounds. Lake District walks are a popular tourism activity in Lakeland which includes hiking and hill walking. Following this practice-turned-trend, many tour organizers in the locality have come up with guided walks in the Lake District services to complete the experience for the walkers.

Guided walks in the Lake District are conducted by these tour organizers on daily and weekly basis. Depending on your itinerary and duration of stay, you can pick the plan the suits you best. Usually the operators organize for an easy afternoon walk during which a few spots are covered in route with respective halting gaps. Todd Crag, Scandale, Borrowdale Ramble, etc., are some of the places that people taking a walk pass by. Lake District walks also include Coniston boat rides. While seniors take a peaceful water travel, the young and adventurous ones take a bike ride through the landscape in and around. Pony rides are taken in Windermere amidst the mountainous topography. 

Aside, one is also welcome to attend a couple of events while taking a stroll through the meandering paths that cut through the carpeting green all around. Stop to catch the Birdwatch show conducted at Brockhole. You walk guides will take you to all free events such as this one on request. Other places of interest in Lakeland are Esk Estuary, Hart Crag, Dove Crag, Haystacks, etc. The best part of Lake District walks is that you’ll be led by a guide who has a clearly-drawn map of the place and knows well how to cover it on foot. They would stop you at Hawkshead where they narrate their band of tourists all stories of Monks and Vikings. Another reason why guided walks in the Lake District have become popular over time are these folklores that the guides pass on to their riveted tourists who listen with rapt attention.

These stories have an ethnic essence that gives the foreigners a taste of the place and its people. You are allowed to take camcorders, cameras and other gadgets with you in the tour. Quite curiously, these walks are also taken by the aged, aside the youths, and since the walk is not over a very long distance and is real slow, people with weak knees often take to venture into the activity without having to repent later.

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