Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises that are both natural and often prescribed.  Add to it the natural beauty of a place as beautiful as the Lake District, there is no pastime that is as rewarding as Lake District Walks. It can be mentioned here that taking a walking tour through some of the most refreshing locales in and around the Lake District can be a delight in itself. A qualified tourist might be one of the best assets in such packs. This has been one of the best things about the guided walks in the Lake District. More and more people are now going in for these tours.

Among the several many places in the UK that literally command attention of tourists, Bowness is one of the top-list contenders. The lake cruises are as popular as they get and the tourist centre keeps swarming with new faces all the time. When it is summer, there is nothing that matches the beauty and the picturesque locales of places like Keswick and Ambleside. These places exercise a somewhat magnetic attraction over both climbers and walkers. These are also one of the more famous places in the Lake District Walks.

Equal delightful is packed in the small town Cockermouth situated on the edge towards the northwest. The town, popularly called Hawkshead is a delight in its own right. The alleyways and squares are quaint and pristine and there is a Victorian undercurrent through the entirety of the town. The small villages in the vicinity provide for some of the finest home-brewed beer experience in all of England. There is also a battery of pubs for treating tourist-buds. Along with these, a taste for regional food is what distinguishes Hawkshead.

In order to make the most of Hawshead and places in the Lake District that command equal pulchritude, it is highly advisable to hire a tourist guide. The guide will not only organize guided walks in the Lake District , but will also look into a barrage of other details. Most reputable guides go through a training course on the way they deal with their jobs. The tourist guides provide some of the most factually correct pieces of information about the places that they accompany their clients. This way, tourists can both take advantage of the exotic locales and enrich their knowledge banks as they do so.

The tour guides are often from the local community of people. This makes them more than an asset for people that are present in the tourist camps. They also help deal with the problems that might commonly arise at tours. There might be difficulties in obtaining permits for several activities that the local authorities have a say on. With the help of tourist guides, it becomes a tad easier to obtain permits on all these factors. They also understand how the local systems operate on a day to day basis and help participants of Lake District walks adopt these during the tour through the city.  

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