03, July 2015: Lakes Garage Doors has collaborated with L-door to launch a UK exclusive Рfully customisable sectional garage doors, and fa̤ade systems, which gift to home and business owners a unique opportunity to sculpture a dream property.

Lakes Garage Doors

The L-door Group, based in Belgium, manufactures innovative, fully customisable sectional doors which add financial value, and visual appeal, to private residences and industries. Highly personalisable, and fitted with the latest technology and safety features, L-Door provide not just the garage door, but also the total façade system which fits even the most demanding architectural requirements.

Lakes Doors’ Director James Darnell said: “We are delighted to be the first official UK supplier of L-door products. These luxury sectional door and façade systems from Belgium give a stunning look that is not available from any existing UK suppliers. We’d enquired beforehand whether clients would be interested in the product, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.”

Through an ingenious application of materials such as timber, aluminium, and composite cladding, L-door’s products are adaptable to a range of situations, including traditional domestic properties, contemporary domestic properties, and commercial or industrial applications.

The selection is from L-door’s Cre-8-ive range, their bespoke department where they specialise in the design of sectional doors integrated into façade systems. Lakes Doors are offering the full Cre-8-ive range, which includes the Nature Line STL and Puma Line STX and STL.

Nature Line STL are timber clad sectional doors which provide a beautiful and authentic allure with integrated cladding systems. They are made from FSC timber with a water based, and solvent free, protective coating, and are available in ranges such as Plato, Thermowood, Free Willy, and Ayous.

The Puma Line is available in STL and STX and is designed for demanding architectural solutions. STL is clad with Renson aluminium blades in a powder coated finish complementing the doors with a powerful visual polish. Puma Line STX customers can choose cladding from major manufacturers, such as Renson, Trespa, Rockpanel, VM Zinc, glass, and Eternit, to create exclusive contemporary designs where the door disappears into the building’s façade.

L-door’s creativity has merged the latest in advanced materials with modern safety and accessibility features, offering significant aesthetic flair to customers seeking to develop their dream property with a dynamic edge.

L-door’s Commercial Manager Jannick Raman said: “Our innovative solutions, which always emerge from co-creation between the customer, partner, architect, and L-door, have the intention to make the sectional door disappear. We are excited to know our Cre-8-ive products will soon be seen in the UK and we are convinced Lakes Doors is the right partner to make them a success.”

Lakes Garage Doors is a leading supplier of garage doors, front doors, and automation products. Lakes Doors specialises in bespoke garage doors which offer modern technology for the latest safety features and designs which add outstanding value to properties.

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