Dallas, Texas; 14, October 2015: Normally, skin suffers ageing issues because growing years cannot be prevented at all. Nonetheless, there are also quite few factors that trigger not only signs of aging but also make the skin damage. To mention, lifestyle, vices, free radicals, bacteria, stress, wind factor and other environmental factors are examples of possibilities why skin may encounter unwanted traces of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, dark pigments, and under-eye imperfections on the face. Good news, there are uncountable ways in rectifying skin problems but the reality is, it is not easy to search and select which alternative solution will work, when one is in front of hundreds of choices of skin care products.

Dermatologists highly recommend the use of L’Amour Anti-Aging Face Creme, as one solution that helps the skin fights symptoms of aging that are already visible or obvious on the face, including damage concerns caused by too much sun exposure and others. L'Amour is designed not only to beautify the skin, but most importantly it has protective and nourishing qualities. Thus, make the skin both healthy and alluring to look at.

L'Amour Anti-Aging Cream is embodied with high dose of Retinol and antioxidant properties, along with other extensive natural ingredients that are clinically-proven and confirmed truly good and healthful for the skin -- Oat Kernel, Blackberry and Acai Fruit Oil.

Altogether work to redefine the skin at its youthful best, and providing all these undeniably remarkable benefits;

1. Soothes and moisturizes the skin
2. Promotes suppleness and smoothness
3. Boost collagen and elastin production
4. Firms the skin
5. Reduces noticeable signs of aging
6. Protects skin from free radical damage
7. Promotes skin cells renewal
8. Overall skin rejuvenation

Versus the leading brands, L'Amour is safe, gentle and hypoallergenic, which means, it does not cause the skin with adverse effects or any allergic reactions or irritations in the skin, despite it very powerful anti-aging formulation for treating skin issues.

For availability of the product, L'Amour Anti-Aging Face Creme is designed as an internet-exclusive product, that can only be ordered through its official website and not at any leading stores or supermarkets.

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