The United States of America, January 11, 2014: Internet is the most flexible mode of reaching the masses. Unlike the physical outlets, website of an enterprise never shuts down and can provide information to visitors whenever surfed. Landers Optimized provides conversion optimization services to enable businesses achieve maximum transaction through their websites. A website which enjoys high web-traffic but few of the visitors opt to buy product or service of the company will feature among top search results but the company will not gain as much profit. On the other hand, a website with only satisfactory web-traffic can be reaping great profit for its company if most of its visitors opt to buy service or product. In other words, conversion is as much important for business growth as web-traffic is for a website. 

There are numerous websites in every niche of business on the web. While this makes information easily searchable for customers, it creates uncertainty over genuineness of the companies. This issue is overcome by various marketing and authentication strategies. But there is no scarcity of reliable enterprises on the web, which again becomes the competition field for all such established business. Now the company that hires effective conversion optimization services, Like SEO and SMO/SMM, will be able to edge out competitors in terms of revenue per visit. Landers Optimized is a conversion optimisation provider but with guaranteed result. The company boasts of conversion Rate Optimization Marketing Experiment certification, which is the best among top certifications. Besides, it is certified by VWO and Optimizely. 

Landers Optimized provides dedicated and highly exclusive conversion optimization services. To ensure it deliver expected result to every client, the company focuses only on conversion optimisation, excluding SEO, PPC, etc. Performancing, Andreanna, Netplak, Trunket, urLash, etc. are some of the previous customers who have expressed satisfaction over conversion optimization services of Landers Optimized. One of the service packages that the company offers is pay-for-performance, which exhibits the confident Landers Optimized has on its service. Under this plan, customers pay only if their revenue grows and the charge is corresponding to the growth too. 

Conversion Optimization services are provided to enable a website gain most out of its web-traffic. A website is launched to make a business be visible to wider market than otherwise. Websites are best mode of publicising a business, at least, through easy availability of information. The website that is surfed the most is likely to make more profit. But, this is not a definite rule. Businesses that hire efficient SEOs may attract more visitors by being at the top of search results. But, success at search engines does not guarantee successful revenue growth too. Increase in revenue depends on conversion of visits into transaction, which is the motive of conversion optimization services of Landers Optimized. 

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Landers Optimized is a conversion optimization services provider with flexible plans. It is certified by Optimizely and VWO and deals in design, development and software. It has both local and international customers, including those that cater to government agencies.