CHINA - Green Roofs have become extremely popular over the years. A green roofing system helps in covering the roof of the building partially or completely with vegetation, grass or various other small plants. A good roofing system offers a waterproofing membrane with additional layers like the roof barriers, irrigation and drainage systems. These are also known as living roofs which actually are beneficial in absorbing rainwater, lowering the air temperature, combating heat, providing insulation and many more.

At Greening Solution customers can find a variety of Gardening Materials and Green Roof Systems that they can use for landscaping backyards, rooftops, for usage in parking lots, tunnels and all other exteriors where they feel greenery can be incorporated. There are plastic grass pavers for making the parking lots stronger, greener and durable. These grass paving grids are made up of HDPE which is the high molecular polyethylene material with features such as fiber and age resistor. These plastic grass pavers are mostly used in various pavements and are usually seen as the green grass protection mats.

There are various grass reinforcement products such as the gravel grids which best Plastic Grass Pavers suit the high traffic areas such as parking lots, driveways, cycling or pedestrian trails, camping sites, home gardens, etc. The ground reinforcement products such as the driveway grass pavers are also used in heavy traffic areas. These pavers bring out a great pattern of green layers on the ground. The site provides useful information on how each of the grass reinforcement and ground reinforcement products should be installed. Outdoor spaces would look extremely impressive with the help of these gardening products. Be it backyards, porches, patios or huge landscapes surrounding big buildings and offices, there are products right here for all kinds of landscaping needs.

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Greening Solution, based at China is a site owned by Leiyuan Grass Paving Grid Industrial Company Limited is engaged in research and production of various plastic gardening materials for landscaping and roofing. They offer the most advanced equipments such as Green Roof System Materials, Grass and Ground Reinforcement Products, Plastic Grass Pavers Grid, Storage and Drainage Board for Green Roofs, Drain Cover, Vertical Greening Materials and Plant Containers.

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