Richmond Hill, Ontario — AccessEasyFunds (AEF) announces their new Perks Program aimed at real estate brokerages, agents, their clients, and staff.  AEFPERKS is AccessEasyFunds’ new customer loyalty program.

Arryn Greenspan, AEF’s Vice President, feels “AEF has built up a large loyal customer base across the country.  Each and every one of our customers is extremely important to us.  AEFPRKS is a great way of saying thank you to them.  What’s more it is a great way for our customers to create loyalty with their customers — as we allow our customers, real estate agents, to also bring their clients onto this program!”

“What is AEFPERKS?” says Larry Weltman, Customer Service Rep. at AEF.  “It is a website that we let all our customers sign up for free as our customer loyalty rewards program.  This site gives its members access to thousands of products and services directly and indirectly at substantial discounts.  There are two sections to the site.  The “Shop & Save” section allows members to purchase product directly at discounts with as much as 40% off.  The “Earn Cash” section allows members to take advantage on instant discounts and cash back incentives offered by many online retailers.”

Purchases made through the “Earn Cash” section, through affiliated online retailers are run through the chosen retailer’s website. Once the sale is transacted, any cash back awards are automatic and posted to the member’s Perks Account; and are saved up and can be applied to other purchases, or transferred/redeemed to a PayPal account.

Orders are shipped just about anywhere in Canada, with many of the products offering free shipping. connects its members with hundreds of retailers and thousands of products, with discounts up to 40% off retail and a chance to earn cash back.

It’s free to join, but you need a Perks Program Code.  The company only issues these codes to its customers — that is to agents and staff who are with real estate brokerages that work with AccessEasyFunds.  For more information, contact AEF by email: [email protected] , or by calling 1-888-386-3710 .

Once the program code is obtained, there is a short and simple online registration process to create a unique member account.

Weltman says “Current products include: household items, electronics, fashion and travel.  New products and affiliated retailers are being added all the time.  So it is important for members to look out for these.”

Greenspan adds, “what’s great is that our members can earn substantial cash back savings with more than 200 online retailers who have affiliated with us. The company estimates offerings of about 70,000 products from retailers that currently include: Chapters Indigo, Kobo, Sears, The Source, 1-800-JUNK and more.”

Products are constantly being updated and added to, with new affiliates and new products added weekly.

AccessEasyFunds is a Canada’s leading commission advance provider to real estate agents.  To learn more about AccessEasyFunds visit