Las Vegas; 22, October 2016: The real estate industry in US can be a very engrossing and intriguing sector to delve into particularly for those who’re looking to buy their first home as well as for ones who intend to buy a cozy nesting place for the winter. However, this write-up is the not the proper forum to elaborate on the causes or reasons that makes the US real estate market an interesting place to explore. Right now, it’d suffice to say that buyers who cannot afford to opt for a brand new home or flat, can consider going for foreclosure or bankruptcy homes.

A majority of buyers who’re not in a position to stretch their budgets beyond a level are unaware that there are numerous homes in almost every state of US that have been impounded by banks or taken possession of by financial institutions to which they were hypothecated. The obvious reason for the confiscation of such foreclosure homes is that their respective owners were unable to clear the monthly or periodical EMIs for a long period which could be because they either lost their jobs or went out of business. Las Vegas Investors Club is a reputed organization based in Las Vegas that liaises with prospective buyers interested to buy property categorized under VA foreclosure listings.

The head honcho of Las Vegas Investors Club, David Cooper has carried out extensive surveys about the accurateness or veracity of the prices of properties listed on repossessed home listings. He was quite surprised to discover that nearly 36% of the abodes listed were not available for sale which the popular realtor sites including Trulia and Zillow had not removed from their web pages. So, a potential buyer logging into these sites in order to glance through the different repossessed homes in an area he or she prefers to stay would actually be seeing only 80% of the properties that are still up for grabs. Additionally, the listed values of the homes on these sites are not the same as their actual market worth.

Then again, if a prospective purchaser gets in touch with a real estate agent enrolled or registered with the aforementioned sites, chances are that he may have the impression that he’s dealing directly with the agent or middleman who has listed the property. But that may not be the case. But when a buyer negotiates with an agent of Las Vegas Investors Club, he or she can bargain for a higher discount as the client will be haggling directly and not with a third-party listing agent. The agent might also sacrifice a percentage of his or her commission just to clinch the deal. A buyer just needs to register with for realizing his dreams of buying a foreclosure home.

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