Basically, when discussing about varicose veins, the problem is that these abnormally swollen veins look very ugly, which is why most people see the laser para varizes treatment more like a cosmetic one. In fact, varicose veins can make us feel uncomfortable and even generate pain, so the cosmetic benefits of choosing cirurgia de varizes a laser are entwined with the relief this medical procedure brings.


Legs are normally the first parts of the body where varicose veins appear, because they have to sustain the weight of the body all of the time. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s the only place they appear. Doctors have treated varicose veins which appeared on the face or the abdomen, for example, using laser para varizes. This can really affect people and lower their self-confidence, so action must be taken in order to restore the normal flow of blood and eliminate the damaged veins. Luckily, in our fast developing civilization, we have the necessary tools to deal with this affection. One of most used treatments is the endovenous treatment, or cirurgia de varizes a laser. This treatment is relatively new but has great effects on those people who have deep bulky veins visible under the surface of their skin.


Using laser para varizes works best on those cases which have lesions on the legs or face, veins with capillary dilatation no larger than 3 mm. Usually, the procedure can be done in about 30 minutes, but a few sessions may be required to eliminate the varicose veins on all parts of the body affected. In cirurgia de varizes a laser, the surgeon makes very small incisions into the skin and veins, where he introduces an ultrasound device. This device emanates light particles though the veins, heating the blood and thus selectively destroying the affected veins. Fortunately, pretty much everyone can be subjected to this treatment, since there are no indications regarding the skin type. Moreover, the laser only acts on very small parts of the body, the veins which need to be cauterized. The patient is under anesthetic during this procedure, so the discomfort is minimal


The great thing about cirurgia de varizes a laser is the fact that it is very accurate and acts exactly on the affected place. However, there are some limitations to this technology: cirurgia de varizes a laser can be used on main veins and not the smaller veins connected to it. The great thing, though, is that you are left with no scars, and you can immediately do your normal day activities. It’s a relief to know that everything can be done in just a half an hour, and that your varicose veins will disappear soon after the operation. To make sure you won’t see them again soon, you may need to use some compression stockings for a while, and certainly will have to improve the style of life you are living. Eat better, do more exercise, don’t stand on your feet for prolonged intervals of time and, in general, avoid carrying heavy weights, for your own good. Prevention is better than treatment, so take this advice into consideration.



Cirurgia de varizes a laser is a fast way to get back your beautiful skin. In just 30 minutes, you can eliminate varicose veins taking the laser para varizes treatment.