It has been reported that the domestic households bear the biggest brunt of the declining economy. One of the most common occurrences has been the widespread theft of the backflow devices. Statistics show that the number of thefts will increase at an alarming rate if it is left unattended by the concerned owners.

Consequently, it has been discovered that these stolen devices find its way into the black market. In the year 2014, many organizations have reportedly lost over thousands of dollars resulting from these widespread vandalism and theft. The thieves in return, stand to gain the giant payouts. One of the most effective measures that have been made by these public and manufacturing companies has been the introduction of the backflow protection enclosuressome years ago. Home owners have reported that no theft has been reported so far, after the introduction of this. What started out as a theft case of over 10,000 stolen cases, today, there has been hardly any complaints of theft from those owners who have installed these covers for anti theft protection.

The present day market trends show that, from the positive response from the consumer side, these particular backflow protection covers could be the best anti theft measure ever for this device. A leading company’s web site by the name of guardianenclosures have reportedly posted a cent per cent positive customer testimonials. As a company dedicated to providing only the best, it has ensured that its customers’ property must not be left to inadequate devices.

The company recently launched its premium grade cages, which is all about 100 per cent safety and superior strength. The company’s owner also commented that while it needs to provide only the best in protection, it must also be kept in mind that these cages are kept at the lawn, bringing to notice the need to look presentable. For more information please go to

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The guardianenclosures has been one of the leading companies providing the country’s best backflow enclosure cage covers. The web site offers services to anywhere in the country at a subsidized price.



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