It is said that WordPress is one of the most updated on the internet. With continuous updated versions, old users have found it difficult to keep up with the changes. Reports show that it is almost stable, setting the stage for a more stable version in Persian language as well.

Reviews show that the latest updated version is better suited for commercial use and for large businesses. While individual usage is always convenient and possible, the older versions made it a little difficult for large businesses to use. Today, with this new innovation, business are already investing more time and man power into it to leverage their business potential. The WordPress 4.7 with its variety of customization features, it allows for better readership. Users can opt for better customization according to their personal desires and needs. The content and structure of the web site is now completely in the hands of the user. The feature is available at the Front-End Live Editor. With more illustrations for the less software savvy, it has enabled many benefits. Some of the most popular advantages include different setting headers and user friendly parallax default. In the editor, users can edit all details live. This will allow for more fluency in the individual sections while doing the customization and editing. One of the areas that were already added to WordPress is Custom CSS. The links to pages within websites is available at aksrmnvha web site. It now supports 160 languages and the number is set to keep on increasing over the coming months. Its target is to include as many languages as possible so that the entire world can connect to it and find a platform. Full translation is also currently available in 26 languages. More development is set to come in the coming months though out the year.  For more information please go to



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