Orlando, FL — October 28, 2015 — Arthritis pain is one of the most undesirable and negatively life-changing symptoms typically experienced by sufferers. This is why many sufferers use pain relief medications just to improve their overall condition. However, since the widespread scare of the side effects associated with the use of these pharmaceutical drugs, many arthritis sufferers have been looking for natural pain relief options.

Laughter yoga is believed to be helpful in easing arthritis pain. Laughter has long been thought to cause significant positive impacts on human health. Doing it more often can increase the quality of life of people, especially those who suffer from painful conditions.

According to experts, many people find it almost impossible to spontaneously laugh. The good news is that for individuals who are having difficulties doing it, they can turn to hasya yoga. This laughter therapy is thought to help people practice laughing until doing it becomes easy and effortless.

The Arthritis Foundation reveals that laughter yoga utilizes guided breathing exercises as well as playful activities to encourage laughter. This practice is actually very famous in over 50 countries, especially in the United States.

The director of the American School of Laughter Yoga, Sebastien Gendry believes that laughter provides some physiological benefits among sufferers of chronic pain. It can even be used as a pain management option. Laughing is believed to trigger the release of endorphins, which are feel-good hormones and natural pain killers.

According to Janet Wilson, a registered nurse, conducting laughter sessions improves her mood. She has fibromyalgia and has been suffering from chronic pain for 12 years. She further added that the pain relief she achieves typically lasts for about two hours.

Natural remedies such as laughter are safe and can potentially improve the quality of life of sufferers. Unlike the use of pain relief drugs, it doesn’t cause side effects. Pain can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially if it’s the kind that hinders people from doing their daily routines. The pain killing effects of laughter can potentially make some positive changes in the life of sufferers.

There are other natural remedies believed to be helpful in fighting arthritis pain, and one is glucosamine supplements. Glucosamine is a naturally-occurring substance inside the body, and it is believed to help repair cartilage damage as well as improve joint health.

Glucosamine is not just used by arthritis sufferers, but also athletes who want to provide their joints with more protection. Many athletes and arthritis sufferers believe that glucosamine is a safer alternative to pain relief drugs (amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Supplement-2000mg-serving/dp/B0126ZF0B0/).
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