15, October 2015: Each year at Laura’s birthday party, she would receive quite an amount of gifts from her friends and parents. And this year, when she reached five years old, was no exception as well. Among the great pile of presents sent by others, including handmade flowers, portraits drawn for her, and all kinds of other lovely gifts, her favorite was the Airwheel electric scooter sent by her parents. And since then she started a happy new life with the scooter.


At the time her parents unexpectedly took the present out, Laura couldn’t help letting out a scream due to uncontrollable excitement. She thought there might be no difference from the previous years and it might be lovely dress or shoes that she longed for quite a long time. Yet much to her surprise, it was an Airwheel intelligent scooter. It was just like a dream coming true.

Overjoyed, she unpacked the presents from her parents immediately. And she quickly discovered how to control her balance on a self-balancing scooter and became its master. As a matter of fact, it only needs one to move forward or backward, turn left and right by the slight leaning of one’s body. And all her best friends there had a chance to experience how it felt to be a master of moving device with just one wheel on it. They learned the essence of sharing something good with others at the meantime while they were having fun and that is what is of great importance.


Since that day, Laura took her new friend-the Airwheel electric scooter with her almost everywhere. She even would not take the bus anymore to school, but ride a scooter instead. And bluntly, she contended that the world the she saw on a scooter was quite distinct from the one she viewed on a bus. If anyone has any doubts, just give it a try.

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