The recent buzz surrounding the lawsuit filed against yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s wife, highlights the potential need for yoga instructor insurance among professional yoga teachers. While the concept of malpractice or liability insurance has historically surrounded other types of health service providers, such as medical doctors, yoga instructor liability insurance has not received the same kind of attention — until now.

According to the NY Daily News, yoga student, Spencer Wolff, claims that he suffered ‘serious’ and ‘severe’ injuries due to a Jan. 15 class during Hilaria Thomas Baldwin’s yoga class. While a secondary article posted on suggests that the case may be more student error than teacher, the high-profile lawsuit indicates a shift in the need for insurance for yoga instructors.

With or without celebrity status, yoga instructors have faced lawsuits prior to the one currently making headlines. Even if the outcome of this lawsuit proves favorable for Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, the existence of this widely publicized case should provide incentive for yoga instructors to reconsider their need for individual yoga insurance. 

Health and wellness professionals generally work for improvements in their clients’ lives, thereby suggesting only positive outcomes between professional and client. Those who teach yoga, especially given yoga’s ancient roots and more soothing nature, have often enjoyed positive status, thereby also enjoying less focus on liability insurance for the yoga instructor. 

However, given the rise in yoga’s popularity in the United States, the number of new practitioners, and the wider variety in the classes offered, yoga instructors may now need to more deeply evaluate their position among wellness professionals and their need to secure individual yoga teacher insurance. The practice of yoga can be physically challenging, requiring teachers and students to be mindful during practice to avoid injury and to deepen the benefits of the practice. If a student is injured, such as in the suit against Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, having liability insurance will help the individual yoga instructor, whichever way the case resolves.

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