Popular web hosting provider, Layeronline.com, announced that they were now offering super secure SSD cloud hosting packages. This announcement has, reportedly, been well received by many people who have been questioning the security of cloud hosting after news of celebrity photos being hacked hit the headlines. Layeronline.com stated that with their web hosting packages allowed people to store everything in the cloud without worrying about the security at all.

All information is ethereal in this day and age, and where this information is stored is at the forefront of people’s minds. Admittedly, cloud hosting does come with some serious security issues. On the other hand, because of the number of advantages cloud hosting offers, most people don’t want to be without it despite the risks. A spokesperson for Layeronline.com said that with their highly secure SSD cloud hosting packages, people won’t have to worry about security risks at all.

According to Layeronline.com, their proprietary real-time scanning engine regularly identifies and filters out any malicious threats such as malware injection and buffer overflow even before they reach the hosting. This and the traditional DDOS protection ensure that even the most sensitive information is completely safe. To top it off, the company’s quality state drives provide unbeatable speed and uptime, and with three different plans to choose from, Layeronline.com has extended its offers to meet the requirements of large corporations, small businesses and individuals.

A spokesperson for Layeronline.com explained,” As one of the top web hosting providers, we ensure that the safety and security of our clients’ information is our top priority.  We understand that people may wish to share information freely to some and not to others, or that they may want to store both private and public documents in one space. We not only help them manage this effectively but also prevent any type of security breach that has affected so many.” For more information please go to http://www.layeronline.com

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