17, July 2015: Le Petit Helper has come up with its new product, Wine Air Spout Aerator. Le Petit Helper Wine Aerator can be used for all occasions. Users can enjoy better wine flavors anytime: at dinner parties, at home, or on vacations with friends and family. It immediately aerates the wine as a person pours it into a glass, preventing the need for hours of aeration in a decanter.

When asked, a representative from the company stated, “We are excited to announce the availability of our new product, Wine Aerator. It is great, as it enhances the wine flavor at parties and other occasions. We have taken important care while designing the product for wine lovers. Our precision and quality of this Wine Aerator is up to par, allowing you to get a better sip of wine every time.” He further added, “We aim to be the most preferred name when it comes to presenting best quality Wine Air Spout Aerator at reasonable prices for customers.”

The Le Petit Helper Wine Aerator is ideal to be used while traveling, as it does not require a stand. One can simply slip the aerator into a bottle, and dispense a glass as users generally would. The Wine Aerator has a unique chamber, offering two intake vents that speed up the natural mingling of air and wine. This fast procedure improves the flavor and brings out the complete aroma of any wine.

The Wine Aerator has a strong acrylic design that can effortlessly fit in most bottles, and its airtight rubber seal avoids splashes and spills. The helpful accessory helps one to enjoy wine right away and share it with guests whenever they are in the mood. The dual Vents allow competent Aerating of customer’s preferred Wines. Currently, the product is available at the discounted price of just $11.79 and there is free Shipping on orders over $35.

About Le Petit Helper:

Le Petit Helper is an ADD Location based company that offers innovative lifestyle products. The company provides its product via Amazon at the best possible prices.

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Website: http://www.amazon.com/Wine-Aerator-Aerating-Pourer-Helper/dp/B00Z8THM40/ie=UTF8?m=A25XBGTLC7M434&keywords=Wine+Aerator