Lead Events hosted a major customer engagement event that aimed to introduce ABS-CBN employees to Kakao Talk.

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, August 07, 2014 - the four-day event, which took place from July 8 through 11, Lead Events accommodated a variety of fun activities with the assistance of conceptualization, sounds and booth setup, a DJ, models, and more.

The engagement was held at the ABS-CBN Studios in Quezon City. Employees of ABS-CBN were introduced to Kakao Talk, a messaging app that helps people all over the world stay in touch. ABS-CBN employees who utilize ABS-CBNmobile will be able to take advantage of Kakao Talk for free from July 7, 2014 - October 7, 2014. During the engagement, ABS-CBN employees took part in many fun activities and games.

On the first and second days, Kakao Talk representatives looked for ABS-CBN employees who were wearing something yellow. Each employee wearing a yellow item was given a Kakao Talk sticker, and if he or she was an ABS-CBNmobile subscriber, then he or she was given a reward of their choice. On the next day, Kakao Talk representatives conducted a similar game, but they rewarded different prizes before announcing the next challenge. The first ten groups of five people to create a Kakao Talk group chat with answers to the question “What’s the one thing you want most to be unlimited and free?” before a deadline would win a special prize.

On the last day, ABS-CBN employees were invited to attend the culminating activity, where Kakao Talk dolls were given to the fifty challenge winners. At the culmination, Lead Events featured a DJ and emcee, and Kakao Talk’s mascots were present. Lead Events is excited to have been part of such a fun event.

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